A Girls’ School That Grows

A Girls’ School That Grows


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Girls in Zambia have a difficult time accessing education. Girls are often forced to drop out when they begin to menstruate, if they marry or become pregnant, or when their families need their help at home. The lack of education gives them little opportunity for anything but a life of poverty. People’s Action Forum has been working to support girls through their Girls’ Action Forum education program since 2014. Now it’s growing a new girls’ education program in a new school. Starting small with a nursery and kindergarten, it will eventually include secondary school and boarding facilities. The goal of the school is to provide a comprehensive education for girls, including those PAF has helped to stay in or return to school, and girls from rural schools who have excelled in their studies.

Your Gift of $15 will buy five storybooks or packs of crayons for the nursery school.

Your Gift of $140 will ensure girls receive life-changing education by paying one teacher’s salary for a month.