How It Works

The United Church of Canada developed Gifts with Vision in response to requests to be able to give gifts to relatives, friends, and loved ones that directly support projects developed by the church's Mission & Service partners.

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Browse the Gifts and choose those that suit the people on your list. You will find gifts that appeal to the particular interest of each recipient, in a choice of dollar amounts.

Choose Your Gifts

Use the “Add to Cart” button to select the Gifts you wish to purchase. Once you've added all your Gifts, visit your cart to be taken to our secure donation checkout.

Share the Gifts

When placing your order, you’ll be able to add an eCard, including a delivery date, for each gift. Just select the “Send an eCard for this gift” button, located directly above “Add to cart.”

Thanks for your support!

The United Church of Canada provides Mission & Service support to partners for their ongoing work in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and right here in Canada. Gifts with Vision turns gift giving into an opportunity to do something extra for our church partners. Through Gifts with Vision, you give gifts to friends or family to support specific partner activities. With your gifts, we help create healthy places to live, promote justice, provide social services, and enliven worship.

Please note: None of the monies raised in this project support the United Church’s annual Mission & Service funding, except for direct gifts to Mission & Service through Gifts with Vision. Gifted monies are forwarded directly to the recipient, minus the cost of printing and distributing the catalogue (up to 10 percent). If a gift idea is so popular that it becomes oversubscribed, additional gifts will be forwarded to that same partner to be used for their next greatest need.