Two people holding Indigenous artifacts.

Reviving the Inuinnaqtun Language


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Fewer than 600 people (0.9 percent of Inuit in Canada) can still speak the Inuinnaqtun language—the foundation of Inuinnait culture in Nunavut. Pitquhirnikkut Ilihautiniq/Kitikmeot Heritage Society is working hard to change that. As Inuinnait stewards of culture and language, the group is reclaiming Inuinnait identity through sharing language and culture. One-on-one language immersion sessions with mentors in the home and on the land inspire reconnection through everyday conversations and help heal the scars of systemic oppression.

Your Gift of $15 will give Inuinnaqtun language mentors the resources they need to spend 300 hours a year in one-on-one conversation with their apprentices.