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Newcomer Senior Support Program


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New This Year

Imagine how difficult it would be if you were a senior fleeing persecution, war, famine, or natural disasters in the country you call home. You arrive safely in Canada, but you don’t speak English, and any funds you had from years of hard work are now gone.

Newcomer seniors experience levels of isolation, poverty, discrimination, and barriers to accessing services that are much higher than the average population. Many experience complex physical and/or mental health problems as well as being isolated, having difficulty adjusting to life in a new country, and often lacking access to a social support network. In the Hamilton, Ontario area, these vulnerable seniors can find support at Wesley Urban Ministries. Multi-lingual case workers meet seniors one-on-one to help identify each senior’s unique challenges so they can live independently and successfully with dignity.

Your Gift of $75 will help newcomer seniors meet their basic needs, retain their independence, and feel more welcomed in Canada.