A bedroom with a bed, cabinet and chair.

Mattresses for Matriarchs


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New This Year

Berwick United Church Camp, in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley, welcomes people from many community groups throughout the year. The heart of the Berwick experience, though, is the time each year when a Berwick tradition that began in 1872 continues—ten days of community, joy, and spiritual growth. Approximately 60% of the people at this session, along with many others who use the camp at other times, are seniors. Most stay in buildings where almost nothing has been upgraded for over 30 years—including the mattresses! New mattresses will greatly add to the safety, comfort, and cleanliness of the rooms, and purchasing them locally will support the rural economy in the area.

Your Gift of $90 will help a senior sleep better at camp on a new mattress.

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