Thank You for Supporting Young Mothers

Children playing on a green floor mat.

We recently received this report from the staff at Abiona Centre (formerly Massey Centre and Humewood House) on the support you provided in 2022–2023 to the young mothers they serve. Your generosity has truly made a difference to these mothers and their babies. Thank you.

We sincerely appreciate your decision to support the young mothers at Abiona Centre by providing essential supplies for their babies through your generous Gifts with Vision contributions!

Your gifts this year have had a significant impact, considering the challenging circumstances these young mothers are facing. They are living on a fixed income that hasn't changed, while the cost of living continues to rise. Additionally, there has been an ongoing shortage of baby formula, making their situation even more difficult. Thanks to your support, you have relieved the stress these young moms experience when faced with decisions like purchasing food for themselves and their babies or affording diapers. Your contributions this year have already benefited over 100 young families, providing them with formula, diapers, wipes, and baby shampoo.

Meet Diana and Yessenia

Diana arrived at Abiona Centre, struggling to balance the responsibilities of being a young mom to her daughter, Yessenia. She had put her education on hold and hadn’t finished high school.

Here, Diana was provided with safe housing, childcare, counseling, essential supplies like diapers and hygiene products, and was able to enroll in our high school program. This comprehensive support helped her overcome barriers and build a stable foundation for herself and her daughter.

Diana thrived in this supportive environment, graduated, and received acceptance into college with two scholarships. Now, she has graduated from Seneca College and is preparing to start the Social Work program at York University. Diana's future is bright, and she hopes to help others in the same way she has been supported.

Meet Trudy Ann and Demario

Trudy Ann knows how hard it is to start over with a baby in tow. In fact, she did it herself. She was kicked out of her dad’s house as a teenager and found herself in some exploitive and dangerous situations. After finding out she was pregnant while living in a shelter, she contacted us for help. While she immediately found safe housing with us and started high school, it was the community of support that she found most helpful.

It was scary for her to start over. Having support with some basic needs for her baby was a relief, and the support from workers and peers helped her begin building a more stable foundation for her and her son. She wants other moms who move in to feel at home. She has emerged as a leader and has successfully advocated for funding to enhance our programs through activities such as a BBQ and outdoor gardens. She continually strives to make all the young moms’ voices heard and supports her peers to feel comfortable when they move into our housing programs.

Thank you for helping make stories like these possible!

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