Thank You for Supporting Food Security in Kenya

Person holding a bowl of grains.

Your Gifts with Vision supported the Kamuthi self-help group in Kenya to increase food security in their community and others around it. The group started with about 40 women who worked on a coffee plantation near Nairobi and met after work for Bible study. Their pay was so low that they were sometimes unable to buy enough food.

With careful planning, the women were able to pool a small amount of money and loan it to group members to help them farm or start a small business. As members repaid the loans, their funds grew, until they all were able to support themselves through agriculture and sustainable businesses. With their livelihoods secured, the self-help group looked for ways to help their community.

Starting in 2016, our Mission and Service partner, the Organization of African Instituted Churches (OAIC), provided support for the group to help some of the farmers in and around Kamuthi to develop a joint farming venture. The group provides microloans of $25 USD, which help farming practices to improve. The farmers supported through the Kamuthi self-help group are now producing tomatoes, green peppers, eggplant, kale, and watermelon for their own use and to sell at market.

Your gifts have helped the farmers to generate income and increase the Kamuthi self-help group’s loaning pool by funding more than 875 microloans. These in turn provide access to better nutrition, shelter, and education for the farmers, their families and their community. Thank you!