Thank You for Providing Livestock

3 people standing in front of a college sign in Zimbabwe

Thank you for your gift of money to buy a goat. We are excited that people in Canada are interested in Chipinge Horticultural College in Zimbabwe and have helped to buy goats. People who live around Chipinge Horticultural College think they are lucky to have good land and are celebrating being able to buy more goats!

Goats are really important for the people living in Chipinge District. They provide milk, cheese, and meat for children and families. That helps everyone, and especially children, be healthy and strong. If there is more milk or meat than a family needs, it can be sold, and having that money means more children can go to school or families can buy medicine they need.

My name is Wendy and I work for The United Church of Canada. Part of my job is to visit partners in Africa and learn about what they are doing. When I was in Zimbabwe I visited the college in Chipinge District and saw the place where the goats and cows are kept. It is close to a river and there is lots of grass for the animals to eat. The college students get good training looking after the animals. The animals not only are for the people at the college but also help a school and a hospital in the community.

Thank you again for caring about our partners in Zimbabwe.

—Wendy Gichuru, Program Coordinator—Africa Partnerships, The United Church of Canada