Thank You for Supporting Young Moms and Their Babies

Mother holding her baby

Over 132 young moms and babies have benefited from Gifts with Vision. The adolescents and children who call Massey Centre home are one of the highest-risk and vulnerable groups in Canada. They are pregnant and parenting adolescents aged 13–25 with their babies up to age three; mothers experience poverty and have little or no support from their families or fathers of their babies.

The generous support received from Gifts with Vision enabled some of the high-priority needs of moms and babies to be met. They benefited from having transportation costs covered for medical or emergency appointments, and received basic care items.

Janine, aged 17, was seven months pregnant when she came to Massey Centre. She had previously lived on the street, in youth shelters, and on acquaintances’ couches. Realizing that she needed stability and safe accommodation to welcome her new baby, she sought help. At Massey Centre a nurse recommended she see a family doctor and obstetrician as she was not receiving regular prenatal care or taking medication for a pre-existing health condition. She was provided with bus tickets to attend medical appointments. Janine’s needed medication and vitamin tablets were also purchased.

Through her pregnancy and after the birth, Massey Centre’s Residential Counsellors and other staff supported Janine and her baby. When Janine’s son was born, she received regular supplies of diapers, formula, medication, and transportation to and from all medical appointments.

You have enhanced young lives, one at a time. Thank you!

—Massey Centre for Women, Toronto, Ontario