Thank You for Supporting Employment Programs

Two people on a construction site.

Shawn was living in a tent and struggling with his mental health when he first came to Stella’s Circle, our Mission and Service partner organization in St. John’s, Newfoundland. He was quick to anger, which made personal relationships difficult, and he was involved in the criminal justice system.

Stella’s Circle serves over 1,000 people every year who live with mental health challenges, addictions, trauma, poverty, homelessness and long periods of unemployment.

Through support from your Gifts with Vision, Stella’s Circle has enhanced their essential skills training for adults like Shawn who want to enter the workforce. Along with skills development, the program gives participants increased feelings of self-esteem and improved standards of living.

With caring encouragement from Stella’s Circle and his own determination, Shawn completed their employment program. It not only offered him practical work skills, but also guidance on coping with frustration in a positive way. Today, Shawn has stable housing and a full-time job.

“Watching Shawn develop from a person who struggled with anger management, into a leader and positive role model has been so gratifying,” says Stella’s Circle Employment Counsellor Sarah. “He knew which direction he wanted his life to go and he worked so hard to get there. His increased confidence has had such a positive impact on all areas of his life.”